27 Sept ‘22 | 8 Min. Read


Design challenges

When was the last time you were really inspired by something wonderful? Like that moment when you were a kid looking out the window of an airplane in wonder.

Thats whats so special about truly great works of art, sculpture, dance, music or film. Whether for a few minutes or a couple of hours, they help us put aside our incessant chattering minds and just delight in the the moment.

The thing is, well designed products often achieve a similar result and when they do, they transcend their utilitarian purpose and become something much more special. Think about some automobiles or motorcycles that provide so much more than basic transportation.

I’m a biker myself and whether I’m riding around town or heading out for a long weekend ride, there’s just something so delightful about the whole experience.


So, here’s my question, ‘Can digital products like corporate websites deliver a similar experience? ’

Remember, I’m not talking about entertainment websites or social media platforms, but corporate web design here. Something as un-exciting as financial consulting or building contracting.


The simple answer is Yes!

In my experience, I’ve noticed that its not so much about the subject as it is about the creator, the storyteller and the way they weave their story.

And it is this intent that determines if their creation will be mediocre or exceptional. Whether you talk about dance & film or digital products like corporate websites.

I frequently see examples of this on web design awards sites. Agencies that take a unique approach to highlighting certain aspects of a business or product and THEN using animations and visuals to weave a compelling story.

So, when done right, visiting a corporate website can just as easily create little moments of surprise and delight in your audience. And if you do manage to deliver this experience, you win their hearts, their loyalty and their business.

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